Atypical Pneumonia Caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae

· Article Review, Lung Infection

Dewi Wijaya¹, Diah Handayani¹, Cahyarini², Feni Fitriani Taufik¹
¹Departemen Pulmonologi dan Ilmu Kedokteran Respirasi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia, RS Persahabatan, Jakarta
²SMF Mikrobiologi, RS Persahabatan Jakarta

Mycoplasma pneumonia (MP) is a common respiratory pathogen that resulted diseases of varied severity ranging from mild upper respiratory tract infection to severe atypical pneumonia. It is a unique organism that lacks of cell wall in any circumstances, and does not need a host cell for replication. It can affect the upper or lower respiratory tracts or both. Symptoms appear gradually, during a few days and can persist for weeks or months. The clinical features include an initial pharyngitis, sore throat and hoarseness and fever. An intractable day and night non-productive cough, but later may induced small to moderate amounts of non-bloody sputum and dyspnoea may be evident in more severe cases. Culture of respiratory samples is the gold standard method of diagnosis of MP infection and is essential for further analysis, including drug resistance tests. (J Respir Indo. 2015; 35: 124-34)
Keywords: Mycoplasma pneuomoniae, atypical pneumonia, clinical features, culture, diagnosis

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