Characteristic of Empyema in Dr. Moewardi Hospital

· Lung Infection

Eddy Surjanto, Yusup Subagio Sutanto, Harsini, Yunita Puspitasari

Background : Bacterial infection is a major cause of empyema. The empiric treatment must given as soon as possible before definite treatment. Therefore, we must assess the most common organisms and the most sensitive antibiotics. The objective is to study the age-sex profile, symptomatology, microbiologic findings, etiology and the management of empyema.
Methods : Retrospective study, secondary data collection of empyema patients who performed pleural fluid culture and antibiotic sensitivity test who had been hospitalized in Dr. Moewardi hospital since January 2009 to November 2011.
Results : The bacteria that were isolated from the empyema patients were Pseudomonas aeruginosa (15.2%), Enterobacter cloacae (6.1%), Klebsiella pneumoniae (3%), Acinetobacter spp (3%), Eschericia coli (3%). The sensitive antibiotics were imipenem, meropenem, amikacin, pipperacillin, colistin, and levofloxacin.
Conclusion : The most common bacteria that was isolated in the empyema patients was Pseudomonas aeruginosa (15.2%) and the sensitive antibiotics were imipenem, meropenem, amikacin, pipperacillin, colistin and levofloxacin. (J Respir Indo. 2013;33:117-21)

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