Discharge Criteria of Patient with Hemoptysis and Evaluation for One Month in Persahabatan Hospital.

· Critical Care, Lung Infection

Depari RESS, Swidarmoko B, Syahruddin E. J Respir Indones. 2010;30(4):197-216.


Introduction : Hemoptysis is one of respiratory emergencies that need immediate managements in the hospital. In Dept.of Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine / Persahabatan Hospital, all patient with hemoptysis must be addmitted. Discharge criteria for hemoptysis  patient is if they had already free from hemoptysis for 3 days, but there is a need for evidence to support this policy. Therefore, the aim of this study was to find  factors that influence the recurrence of hemoptysis  and the effective time needed for observation in hemoptysis patients,we compare them between one day and three days free from hemoptysis
Method : Desain of this study was one month cohort study, consist of 50 hemoptysis patients who addmitted from September to October 2009 in Persahabatan Hospital.
Result :  The main cause of hemoptysis was pulmonary TB (52%) and the recurence of hemoptysis in one month was  22%. We found there was no significant relationship in factors that influence the recurence of hemoptysis, such as age, sex, diagnosis, day  free from hemoptysis, hemoptyis volume, causative and symptomatic therapy, radiologic lession  and  hystory of hemoptysis. Moreover, in  this study we found that hemoglobin level was a significant factor that influence the recurence of hemoptysis, that every incremence of 1 mg/dl of hemoglobin will reduce the risk for recurence of hemoptysis (48,2% [95% CI 0,274 – 0,978 ; P=0,043j).
Conclusion : There was no significance between one day and three days observational hemoptysis for the recurance of hemoptysis.

Keywords : Hemoptysis, dicharge criteria, recurrent hemoptysis

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