Profil and Evaluation of Resistant Tuberculosis Drug’s Side Effect in Diabetes and Non Diabetes Mellitus Patient at RSUD Arifin Achmad

Dani Rosdiana, Dewi Anggraini, Indra Yovi, Marlina Tasril


Backgrounds: Diabetes melitus (DM) increase risk of reactivation of tuberculosis included multiresistent drug tuberculosis (MDR-TB). This situation treated Riau province due to the high prevalence of DM. Since 2014 Arifin Achmad Hospital as a referral hospital of MDR-TB managed MDR-TB patients. We should evaluated the patients especially DM patients.
Methods: This is a cross sectional retrospective research. The aim of this research are evaluating and analyzing the characteristic of patients, time of conversion of smear or culture, side effect of drugs and outcome of all patients from 2014 – 2017. We analyzed the difference of the DM and Non DM groups.
Results: We got 140 MDR-TB patients, but only 113 patients had complete medical records. There was 26,5% MDR-TB patients with DM, the most frequency of side effects are nausea and vomitus (100%). We found in MDR-TB DM group that 16,7% got severe side effects, 40% had smear or culture conversion on 2nd month, and six patient (20%) cured.
Conclusions: There were no differences of side effects, smear conversion and outcome between DM and Non DM group. The age more than 50 years old has a significant differences between DM and Non DM group.


MDR-TB, Diabetes Melitus, side effects, conversion, outcome


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