Mechanical Ventilation in Non Lung-Post Surgery Patients

Ika Yunita Sari, Sri Wening Pamungkasningsih, Menaldi Rasmin


A case of a 41-year-old man, with a lump in his left abdomen since 5 months before admission to the hospital. In the last 2 weeks the patient
complained of reddish urine and pain during urination. The diagnosis of the patient is a left kidney tumor, has performed nephrectomy and
splenectomy surgery. Postoperative complications include sepsis, anemia and hypoalbuminemia. Sepsis in these patients is caused by
colonic perforation leading to intra-abdominal infection. These complications cause patients to get treatment in the intensive care unit longer by using a
ventilator for four days.


Post surgery complication; mechanical ventilation; non lung-post surgery

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