Knowledge of Private General Practitioners About Management of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Pekanbaru

· Lung Infection

Indra Yovi¹, Dewi Anggraini², Dede Yolla Maulidya³, Mutiara Dwi Murni³, Putri Bella Wijaya³, Widya Putri³, Zhana Daisya Triani³
¹Bagian Paru, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau, RSUD Arifin Achmad Provinsi Riau
²Bagian Mikrobiologi, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau
³Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau

Background: Indonesia is a country with the forth high burden pulmonary tuberculosis cases world wide. One of the province with low case detection rate is Riau province in 2013 that is 35,7%. Private general practitioners become a choice for most patients in pulmonary tuberculosis treatment, but the evaluation towards pulmonary tuberculosis treatment by private general practitioners is still lacking.
Methods: This study is a cross sectional descriptive using questionnaire in 207 private general practitioner in 12 districts of Pekanbaru performed between November-December 2014. These questionnaire include knowledge about diagnosing and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Results: Level of knowledge private general practitioners about treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis were good in 30 private general practitioners (14.5%), moderate in 76 private general practitioners (36.7%) and lack knowledge in 101 private general practitioners (48.8%). If knowledge types were categorized, private general practitioners mostly lacks knowledge about definition of drop out cases 53.1%, classification of category 1 failure cases and relaps cases 43.9%.
Conclusion: Most of private general practitioners had low knowledge level about treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. (J Respir Indo. 2015; 35: 78-82)
Keyword: Private general practitioners, Pekanbaru, knowledge of Pulmonary TB management.

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