Various Clinical Features of Lung Cancer Patient in Dharmais National Cancer Hospital Jakarta

· Journal, Thoracic Oncology

Fariha Ramadhaniah, Pradnya Sri Rahayu, Evlina Suzanna

Subbagian Registrasi Kanker, Bagian Penelitian dan Pengembangan,
Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais Jakarta

Background: Lungs are the respiratory system that resides in the bottom of the chest cavity adjacent to the heart and mediastinum. Based on Jakarta Population-Based Cancer Registry 2005-2007, the incidence of lung cancer was ranked first in men and fourth in women. The frequency of lung cancer in Dharmais 1993-2007 was 4.29% ranks third of all cancer incidence. The purpose of the study was to determine the epidemiological and clinical features of lung cancer.
Methods: Cross-sectional study held in 1993-2007 in Dharmais National Cancer Hospital, Jakarta. Inclusion criteria are new case of lung cancer patients, diagnosed microscopically. Classification using the WHO-ICD-O3. Determination of the sample with a precision formula with a total sample is 231.
Result: Distribution by sex, 79.65% in men and 20.35% in women, higher in the age group >59 years (52.72% men and 53.19% women). There are 14 variations of the main clinical features in men and 13 in women.
Conclusion: The most common clinical features in both sex were cough, pain, and shortness of breath. (J Respir Indo. 2015; 35: 203-210)

Keywords: Lung cancer, cancer registration, clinical features

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