Correlation Between Neutrofil-Limphocyte Ratio Before Chemoteraphy and Objective Response Platinum based Chemoteraphy on Lung Cancer Patient

Nikson Eduard Faot, Isnu Pradjoko


Background: Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer. One type of cancer is non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The body fights against cancer cells by immune surveillance mechanisms involving the role of neutrophils and lymphocytes. Chemotherapy is a modality that is usually used as a therapy in patients’ NSCLC. To assess chemotherapy’s prognostic, research needs to be done to find the relationship between the neutrophil-lymphocytes ratio before chemotherapy with objective response after chemotherapy in patients with NSCLC
Methods: This study was an observational study of retrospective cohort analytics which samples are secondary data from medical records of NSCLC patients in RSUD Dr. Soetomo who received chemotherapy by linking the neutrophils-lymphocytes ratio before chemotherapy with objective response after chemotherapy based on RECIST’s criteria and analyzed by spearman correlation test method and RNL cut off value with ROC curve and kappa test
Results: Sixty-four subjects were analyzed in this study, the relationship of neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio with chemotherapy objective response after 2 cycles with P=0.354 (<0.004), rs=0.34 and cut off RNL value to progressive disease 3,75 with sensitivity 76% and Specificity 59%. There was no relationship of neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio with objective chemotherapy response after 4 cycles P=0.738.
Conclusion: The neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio with objective response after 2 cycles of chemotherapy had a significant association. The RNL cut point value was obtained 0.37 against progressive disease with a weak agreement. (J Respir Indo. 2017; 37(4): 293-8)


lung cancer, neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio, objective response

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