The Comparison of Vitamin C between Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Healthy Control in Medan

Rizka Helmi, Bintang Yinke Magdalena Sinaga, Parluhutan Siagian, Putri Eyenoer


Background: Pulmonary tuberculosis infection is high burden especially in developed country.     Vitamin C is water soluble micronutrient contributes to immune defense by supporting various both of innate and adaptive immunity. Vitamin C protected the host from reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen intermediates generated during Mycobacterial infection. Patient with pulmonary tuberculosis had lower vitamin C level because the Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection yield to a reactive oxygen species for replication and metabolism and because of the reduced of nutrition intake. Vitamin C as antioxidant also play role in killing Mycobacterium tuberculosis by drive fenton reaction.

Method: This is a case control study of vitamin C in blood serum in pulmonary tuberculosis patient and healthy control. Vitamin C level measured with ELISA examination (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay).

Results: Total subject was 40 people, 20 people pulmonary tuberculosis as a case and 20 people healthy control. Vitamin C levels are higher in pulmonary tuberculosis patient (83,64 ± 35,99 ng/ml) than healthy control (80,22 ± 26,44 ng/ml), but not statistically significant. Vitamin C levels tend to be low in elderly and lower in man than woman.

Conclusion: Vitamin C levels in pulmonary tuberculosis group lower than healthy control. Vitamin C levels in men having lower than women, elderly had low the level of vitamin C.


Pulmonary tuberculosis; Vitamin C; healthy control

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