The Changes of Interleukin 17 levels On Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients with AFB Smear-Positive After 2 Months Anti Tuberculosis Drugs Treatment

Andy Sulaiman Siregar, Soedarsono Soedarsono


Background: Tuberculosis still remain as a health problem in the world. No specific biomarkers can be used to monitor the rapid response to TB therapy. This study aims to assess the change of IL-17 levels in pulmonary tuberculosis patients with AFB smear-positive before and after 2 months of anti tuberculosis drugs (ATD) treatment.
Method: Design of study is analytic observational with prospective cohort. The subject include 17 new cases of pulmonary tuberculosis patients with AFB smear-positive in Soetomo Hospital Surabaya from July - October 2016. Plasma levels of IL-17 were measured using ELISA technique before treatment and 2 months after the ATD therapy.
Results: The mean levels of IL-17 before treatment is 3.510 pg / ml (2.087- 5.051 pg/ml). There were significantly decreament (p = 0.001 <0.005) after 2 months of treatment with the value is 2.574 pg/ml (1.771 - 4,095 pg /ml). There was no significant correlation between the levels of IL-17 with a rate of sputum smear positivity in patients with smear-positive pulmonary TB (p-value 0.259). There was no significant correlation between sputum conversion with decreased levels of IL-17 after 2 months of treatment. (P-value 0.486).
Conclusions:Levels of IL-17 decreased significantly after 2 months of therapy. IL-17 has not been fully proven to be used as a biomarker evaluation and the success of TB treatment. However, IL-17 play quite significant role at TB immunopathogenesis and protective immunity against TB infection. (J Respir Indo. 2018; 38: 219-26)


Interleukin 17; pulmonary tuberculosis, success of therapy; positivity of sputum

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